A Gyotaku print of a Coelacanth is just as rare as the pre-historic fish itself.

In a special collaboration with a generous museum allowing a talented taxidermist to create a mount for me to print, I am proud to be able to offer this stunningly, gasp-inducing art piece that I guarantee will stop your guests and patrons from looking at anything else.

The length of this Coelacanth measures nearly 3.5 feet long (104cm). The dimensions of the paper is 53x29.5 inches (135x75cm).

This piece will be one of the major showcased pieces on exhibition in February 2018 in conjunction with LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.

The creation of these Coelacanth prints takes 2-3 months due to the slow dry time of the special ink mix required consisting of Sumi and a soy-based oil acting as retardant.

Please inquire for price.