Sending Fish to Print

Key instructions

I welcome commission from individuals who would like to supply their own fish for the print.  Below are the steps that must be taken in order to successfully send a fish in a condition that is printable.  Please contact me directly regarding commissions.

  • Ideally, the fish should be without damage or open wounds to at least one side. However, if there is an open wound, there are ways for me to still work with it without lowering the quality.

  • The spines in the fins and tail must not be broken.

  • Do not wipe off the protective slime from the surface.

  • The more scales the fish retains, the better the print will be.

  • Ideally, soon after capture, the fish is wrapped in plastic or bagged and then iced. After that, vacuum seal if possible, but at the very least, seal inside plastic bag, tape shut and freeze.

  • Refer to for packaging and shipping instructions.

  • Once the fish has been received and it is indeed in printable condition, the print will take about 2-3 weeks for completion.