All of our artwork comes without framing, but we can provide custom framing by our local framer, in which case we would work with the framer throughout the process. The framer would send an invoice, as would I for a nominal service fee.

There are several framing options and they are described below.


Shadowbox Frames

This is my preferred way of framing an original gyotaku print. It allows the print, with all its inherent waves and gentle wrinkles, to remain in its raw, original form. The print is showcased as if it were an artifact. The appearance is formal and classical. This framing method tends to be the priciest however.

Conventional Frames

When placing an original gyotaku print into a conventional frame, with or without a matte, the print must be treated with a process called ‘wet mounting’ which is essentially the bonding of the original and a donor sheet of paper together to produce an absolutely flat and strengthened piece. All the waves, wrinkles, creases that the original may have had will be gone in exchange for a perfectly flat surface suitable for conventional framing. If this process isn’t done, then the original print will crease dramatically when pressed up against glass or a matte, appearing very distracting. These creases will, over time, become permanent as well. Though wet mounting can fix that too.

Wall scrolls

A different method in displaying our work is the wall scroll. The original print will be exposed, however it is a very beautiful way to showcase one of our prints whether it be vertical or horizontal in format.