dwight hwang

Center of Attention at the Red Carpet Gala - Sushi Chef Institute!!


A much anticipated event where two artists; me and Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada, were showcased in front of a large crowd of private guests.

I performed a demonstration of gyotaku printing while Chef Terada masterfully cut a striped bass into sashimi. Chef Hiro Terada posted a flattering comment regarding me:

"I was invited to Sushi Chef Institute red carpet last might and met so many important people in the industry, but one person who amazed me was @fishingforgyotaku and his live demonstration of how this mid 19th century art is done. His work needs to be recognized and once you see it, you'll be amazed."

Two Weeks Till Summer Exhibition!


The big summer exhibition is just around the corner!

32 original prints showcased at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles in collaboration with LACMA, June 21-July 13th with lectures and a demonstration on the evening of June 20th.

A formal catalogue of all the prints will be available, as well as a very informative essay written by LACMA's Michael VanHartingsveldt about the history and techniques of Gyotaku and how I fit into all of it.


Merci Monaco!!

I had an absolute wonderful time exhibiting three choice prints at the Chateau Terrace with curator Wendy Lauwers.  Juxtaposed among highly contemporary pieces from other artists from all around the world, my art was very enthusiastically received by patrons, some of whom kindly claimed that my gyotaku prints were their favorites of the show.

The three original prints did not sell, however I did sell quite a few high tier reproductions that more than made up for it.  But best of all, I made new friends and experienced my first ever gallery exhibition!  And not in my own country, but in chic South of France!