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Patagonia Tour continues at NYC and Atlanta!!

Goodnight, New York City!! I love the Patagonia tribe and the crew at the NYC Soho store was no exception. Fun loving, eco-conscious group that set up a great evening of events. I'm so grateful to those that showed up to our demonstration. From those that knew nothing about gyotaku, to those whose interests have rekindled.

Southern hospitality is a real thing here in Atlanta. In fact, I'd even say that this is the friendliest US city I've ever been in. And our final Patagonia event for this year reflected that warm hospitality. Thank you to those that came to listen and watch us share!

Special Gyotaku Video in Regards to Fires of the Amazon Rainforests

Photo by John Troxell

Photo by John Troxell

In 2018, I was given a dead Amazonian Catfish from Fish & Wildlife. It laid forgotten in my freezer until the massive fires of 2019 motivated us to print and give it back some sort of meaning. "Rivers of Ash"

Photography by John Troxell

Music by Paolo Greco