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Demo & Amazing Fundraising Results at 'Kitchens for Good'!!

Fourth and final gyotaku demonstration for this month, and it was an absolutely amazing way to end June! We were invited to share our art at a dinner fundraising event for 'Kitchens for Good' @kitchensforgood in San Diego through local seafood provider @catalinaoffshoreproducts , where we shared the historical origins of gyotaku to a large crowd and demonstrated our approach using the same materials as the ones created in the 1800's. The two prints we created during our demonstration, sweetened with a private dinner, were donated and auctioned off to the crowd for $1700.....each.
Joyous and SO thrilled to be a part of what 'Kitchens for Good' is accomplishing!!
I didn't fully understand their mission until I heard the testimony of one of their graduates. It's a very moving program where they take in individuals who have either forfeited their chances in life or have never had a chance to begin with, and teach them structured culinary skills so that they can reshape their lives and join the higher tier restaurants of San Diego. The brave young lady pictured spoke about her troubled past; pregnant at 14, manipulated to sell her body not long after, and so many other disheartening events that eventually led her here. And now at the age of 27, she works at an upper class restaurant, completely independent, stable and now a role model to others. If you haven't been to one of their dinner events where these very students follow the instruction of premier local chefs and prepare the meals, I highly recommend it. It was a wonderful and very human experience.

Fantastic Turnout at Catalina Offshore Products Demo & Art Sale!!

I always feel at home here at Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego. Like walking into a bar where everyone knows my name?? 🙃 They helped me create a great space to demonstrate and share. 
Very blessed to see so many folks joyfully going home with artwork. Thank you everyone for turning out, shaking my hand, and encouraging me to continue.

Next demo/art sale is at The Joint in Sherman Oaks, June 9th!!

Gyotaku Demo at Catalina Offshore Products in SD!!

I was introduced to Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego around a year ago. Since then they’ve supplied fish for my art and introduced me to countless of people, but have also become very good friends of mine that have shared the joys and burdens of life. Some of my favorite people! Really looking forward this!