The Classical Ideas Podcast episode 92!!


I was approached by The Classical Ideas Podcast by Gregory Soden and here is the result!

I absolutely hate hearing my own voice, but the content is great and the introduction by Michael Vanhartingsveldt of LACMA is very informative and flattering.

Check it out on iTunes, episode 92!!

Exclusive Afternoon at The Joint in Sherman Oaks

From 2-5pm, faithful patrons of The Joint Eatery in Sherman Oaks filed in to indulge in their favorite dishes and sipping on their choice refreshments. But this time, the walls turned into an art gallery while we were showcased by demonstrating our most fundamental process of gyotaku printing.

Quite a few sales, but more importantly, a lot of new open doors for the new year!

Thank you everyone who attended and for your support and encouragement!!

Demonstrating at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) & Scripps in San Diego


Through my dear friends at Catalina Offshore Products, I was invited to a dinner event at NOAA in San Diego, California to demonstrate traditional gyotaku printing in front of a large crowd of marine scientists, environmentalists, and very eco-savy seafood chefs and commercial fishermen.

I think a very good impression was made as many new doors within the scientific community opened up immediately afterwards. I anticipate that I’ll be commuting to San Diego a lot more often in the very near future!

Taught my First Class at NPS's Annual Workshop in NC


Taught my first Gyotaku printing class at the annual Nature Printing Society’s workshop, this year at Wildacres in North Carolina. The class was centered around Japanese philosophy, sensibility and defining personal process using the original old world materials of Sumi Ink and Washi Paper.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it really encouraging to see veteran and new printers alike working together so enthusiastically (I had them pair up with a partner).

Looking forward to teaching again!

Center of Attention at the Red Carpet Gala - Sushi Chef Institute!!


A much anticipated event where two artists; me and Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada, were showcased in front of a large crowd of private guests.

I performed a demonstration of gyotaku printing while Chef Terada masterfully cut a striped bass into sashimi. Chef Hiro Terada posted a flattering comment regarding me:

"I was invited to Sushi Chef Institute red carpet last might and met so many important people in the industry, but one person who amazed me was @fishingforgyotaku and his live demonstration of how this mid 19th century art is done. His work needs to be recognized and once you see it, you'll be amazed."

Art Critic Review of Coastline Art Gallery Exhibition!


The art review of the Coastline Gallery Show by OC Weekly:
"The show’s tranquility is best represented by Dwight Hwang’s stunning Japanese-style paintings of koi, lionfish and octopus (Water Butterflies, Lion’s Garden and Flow of Water, respectively). The dried sumi ink has wrinkled the washi paper, indenting the page, suggesting buoyancy and movement around the subjects hovering within the frame."

Read the full article here.

It's ON and going STRONG!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.39.40.png

The RSVP filled quickly, and the evening of the reception and demonstration, the entire room was filled!  I wasn't expecting it to draw such a large and eager crowd.

I was to perform two demonstrations; the first one being a very basic demo while the second one to demonstrate how I use the fundamentals of the first demo to refine the process.

However, as soon as I finished the first demo, there was an unending flood of enthusiastic questions that we ended up running out of time to do the second demo.

The next morning, we found that the exhibit was showcased on the front page of the "14 Best Things to Do in LA this Week" list of the LA Weekly!!

In addition, due to the great reaction by those that have seen the exhibit, the show has been extended an extra week!