Galleries & Showcases

If you’re looking to see installations at establishments that I work with, please visit any one of our partners listed below. Enjoy the artwork while experiencing the amazing things they have to offer!

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The joint eatery - sherman oaks, california

Select prints are on display and for sale at The Joint Eatery in Sherman Oaks, California. The Joint Eatery is a chic and trend-setting restaurant that is unique on so many levels. They serve gourmet coffee and tea, while their seafood loving chefs serve an incredible fine dining experience in a cozy and casual setting! They even have an in-store fish market providing hand picked fish from around the world (I know the owner and he is VERY selective about what he offers to his patrons). Ever heard of dry-aged fish? Yes, it’s definitely a thing and a delicacy you won’t want to miss out on!

Museum of the aleutians - unalaska, alaska

The gift shop at the Museum of the Aleutians carries several varieties of our limited edition reproduction prints on washi paper, at a special price.

If you’re a fisheries worker, an educator, or an explorer on one of the many cruise ships that visit this historically significant island, do stop by the museum and take in a very unique lesson on Alaskan culture and heritage.



SAmurai - mammoth lakes, California

A very authentic Japanese restaurant with sushi bar and an amazing view nestled within Mammoth Lakes, displays several original pieces specially created to match their style, their origins and their patrons.